Plumbing & Heating:
Preferred Vendors...and More Testimonials
Sundance Plumbing & Heating:
"Jennifer dispays confidence and competence to her clietns as well as her vendors. She is always involved in all the work being done on her properties, making sure she knows the whos, whats, wheres, whens, amd most importanly the whys. She makes sure our invoices are itemized and provide enough description before she pays them. We have never had the owner of any of her properties call us directly to dispute a bill, or even question why the work was donew. Her clients turst her. Her clients know that she is honest and capable. Why? Because she gets the job done.
Office Manager / Sundance Plumbing and Heating
McCurdy Drywall, Inc.:
"I've been doing business with Accent for over 10 years. Upon completion of the project I have always been paid promptly and in full by Accent. I have found Jen to be professional and competent. I look forward to doing business with them. I am made aware of the expectations, budget and time frame of completion. Communication is top-notch and I would recommend their service to anyone".
Mike McCurdy
Owner / McCurdy Drywall, Inc.
Service Monkey:
"I've workd with Jen at Accent Property Mgmt for over 13 years. During that time, I have found her to be very professional, adept at scheduling and managing vendors, and quite knowledgeable of home repairs and construction requirements. Jen is thorough and complete in following up wiht recommended repairs. Finally, while Jen expects a clear, concise invoice, detailing exactly what work was completed, she has always paid our invoices promptly and in full".
Dan Akers
Owner / Service Monkey
Sorenson Masonry:
"Sorenson Masonry has been working with Accent Property Mgmt for over 6 years,. She has always been thorough and honest. After performing the work specified, and providing a detailed invoice, we received payment promptly".
Shane Sorenson,
Owner / Sorenson Masonry
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